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Knowledge about faucet choosing through sparkling

Today, the water pollution is becoming more and more serious. Because the environment changing is from some little changes, so we need to pay more attention to the water problem around us and do not ignore the bathroom shower faucet in your house. Although the bathroom shower faucet is a small product in your bathroom, it is related to our health closely. So the bathroom shower faucet choosing is becoming am important lesson in our daily life. How to choose a perfect bathroom shower faucet with cheap price and good water saving function? Please follow me to have a look.

First, find a brand with professional custom service

Consumers who is going to buy bathroom shower faucet should choose a formal shopping mall to find some famous brands, so you can get perfect custom service. Informal products usually do not have any marks or seldom paper marks, while formal bathroom shower faucet has professional package within brand symbol, quality warranty and custom service. So be serious about faucet purchasing and do not believe some sweet words.

bathroom shower faucet Brass Shower Fixtures

Second, watch the appearance to ensure the plating finish is shiny

After grinding and polishing of a faucet, in order to be antioxidant workers may used chrome or nickel finish for the surface which has good anti-corrosion feature and can protect the faucet for a long time. Before buying the faucet, you'd better put the faucet under a place where is full of sunlight to water the appearance, make sure it has no oxidation spots, no blowhole or scorch marks. If you use your fingers to press the appearance, and the spread quickly and it not easy to attach dirt, so it is a good quality faucet.

Third, check the quality of bathroom shower faucets

The bathroom shower faucet is usually made of refined brass. The quality of electroplated finish for brass casting faucet is good. The higher the brass purity is, the better quality the electroplated finish will be. Some factories choose zinc alloy to cast faucet instead of brass for the cheap price. However some country permit people use zinc alloy instead of brass, but the quality of electroplated finish for zinc alloy material is very low, and can not be anti-corrosion. So generally speaking, consumers can use a method which is called estimated weight to discriminate the material of bathroom shower faucets.

Forth, turn the handle to feel the valve

The valve of bathroom shower faucet usually used stainless steel ball valve and ceramic valve. Stainless steel ball valve has good ability of anti-pressure, but the seal of rubber seals is easy to wear and tear, and is aging fast. Ceramic valve did better in wearing high temperature and tearing with good seal feature, and can open more times. bathroom shower faucet with ceramic valve will feel more comfortable, smooth, and open and close rapidly. Can be simply judged good or bad based on the valve handle by turning the handle when the time of purchase. Generally, the consumer, down, left and right turn the handle, if the feeling of light, no sense block better then the spool.

Fifth, try the water

Everyone in the purchasing of the bathroom shower faucet should turn on the faucet to have a check first, then choose a faucet with a bubbler, and feel with your fingers touch the water. If the water is soft and containing a bubble-rich description shows that the bubbler has better quality. Bubbler generally has six layered which is usually made of metal grilles, water after nets will cut into many small jet of water, which mixed with air, so that it can not splash.

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